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Sep 29, 2022

School is in full swing, so it's a good time to discuss "Sick Day", S02E09 of "The Adventures of Pete and Pete!" We're joined once again by Dr. Greg Winter to discuss the ins and outs of faking sick, foreign objects, and... hot air balloon-related mass casualty events?

The episode isn't available on streaming, but savvy...

Sep 22, 2022

This week, Johnny, Dr. Jackson, and Dr. Greg Winter discuss the medical accuracy of 1997's Men in Black. Fun fact - the Men in Black use they/them pronouns! Tune in to hear about the lifespan of Edgar suits, squid baby delivery expectations, neuralyzers vs ECT, and the logistics of eating in a human mech.

The episode of...

Sep 8, 2022

This week we're covering testicular torsion as we discuss "Are You There, God? It's Me, Dean," S01E09 of The Venture Bros. This episode was specially selected by our guest, Dr. Greg Winter. 

While this episode discusses a serious medical condition, the nature of the injury might make it not safe for work.


Sep 1, 2022

Johnny, Dr. Jackson, and Dr. Greg Winter discuss one of our favorite shows of 2022, Apple TV's Severance. Could we really surgically create multiple/disassociated personalities? Would it be healthy? 

This episode discusses an on-screen suicide attempt. If you're uncomfortable with that conversation, skip ahead from...